Ajiradigital Login @ Easy Access Ajiradigital.go.ke Portal

What is Ajiradigital?

Ajiradigital is a Kenyan government website that provides information and resources about digital jobs and online work. This website is a part of the Ajira Digital Program, a government initiative that uses digital platforms to create job opportunities for Kenyan youth.

How To Register In Ajiradigital

Visit the Ajira official website. Hover through the site to the top right corner. Tap on the “Register” tab. That will lead you to a registration platform to key in your registration details.

How To Ajiradigital Login

Go to the Ajiradigital login link below. Then, enter your National ID & Email Address & Password, and click the “Login” button.

Ajiradigital Reset Password

Visit reset password link below. Then, enter your Email Address & Mobile Number, and click “Reset Password” button for Ajiradigital login.

Ajiradigital Portal

The Ajira Digital Programme can assist you in determining whether online work is right for you. Apply via the Ajira Digital Portal at https://ajiradigital.go.ke.

Ajiradigital Vacancies

Discover the best jobs in Kenya. Ajira.co.ke allows you to search for and apply for jobs in Kenya. Look for full-time, part-time, freelance, or internship opportunities.

Ajiradigital Certificate Download

Ajira Digita Training trained me in online jobs as well as digital marketing, and I was awarded a Certificate of Participation in Ajira.

Ajiradigital Courses

Should I stay and work in the United States after graduation? The MS Marketing Analytics program offers a three-year option. F1 OPT Approved – MS Marketing STEM Course at one of the top US Universities.

Ajiradigital Training

Ajira Digital offers free training and mentoring to help you grow your business and learn more about digital marketing strategies.

Ajiradigital Platform

Ajira Digital is a freelancer jobs platform that connects Kenyan youth to jobs throughout the country. Teleposta Towers are the headquarters.

Ajiradigital Program

Ajira Digital introduces young people to online work and provides them with the tools, training, and mentorship they need to work and earn money online.

Ajiradigital Project

The Ajira Digital Project aims to position Kenya as a preferred labor destination for multinational corporations while also encouraging local businesses and the government.


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