How To Kobas Login @ Easy Access

What is Kobas?

Kobas is a cloud-based platform that offers a variety of tools for the management of operations to enterprises in the hospitality sector.

How To Kobas Login

Go to the Kobas login link below. Then enter your Company ID, Username and Password, and click “log in” button.

Kobas Reset Password

Visit reset password link below. Then, enter your Company ID and click “reset  password” button.

KOBAS Software

To begin with, let’s make a brief review of KOBAS 1.0 It’s a software and web server that annotates an input set of genes or proteins by mapping to genes.

Kobas Food

Koba is a sweet made from ground peanuts, brown sugar, and rice flour. It is a traditional food of Madagascar, especially in the highlands.

Kobas Kegg

KOBAS, KEGG Orthology-Based Annotation System, can annotate a set of nucleotide or protein sequences with KEGG Orthology terms based on.


The Orthology-Based Annotation System (KOBAS) is a standalone Python application in Bioinformatics. KOBAS can assign appropriate KO terms for queried sequences.

KOBAS Database

The annotation module accepts the gene list as input, including IDs or sequences, and generates annotations for each gene based on multiple databases of.


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