Salonized Login & Sign Up @ Easy Access

What is Salonized?

Salonized is an automated, cloud-based system that offers many features and great benefits. It provides various features such management of appointments, employees, inventories, and payrolls, in addition to a customer database. Further, it offers online reservations, automatic notifications, and point of sale (POS).

How To Sign Up in Salonized

Fill in the necessary details for the new user and choose which authorizations are relevant.

How To Salonized Login

Go to the Salonized login link below. Then, enter your email and password, and click “Login” button.

Salonized Reset Password

Visit reset password link below. Then, enter your email and click “Reset Password” button.

Salonized Pricing

Find out more about the Salonized starting price, setup fees, and more. Read reviews from other software buyers about Salonized.

Salonized Booking Widget

You get a central “booking button” that is visible on every page ยท The booking button opens the new online appointment widget.

Salonized Frre App Download

Salonized is the world’s easy-to-use salon software. Manage your appointments, sales, and client base wherever you are!

Salonized Reviews

It is the perfect online booking system, with Mailchimp and Mollie user-friendly integrations and good management information.

Salonized Team

The team consists of dedicated professionals who are eager to make you as enthusiastic about Salonized as we are. Do what you do best and leave the rest to.

Salonized Help

With Salonized you can manage your appointments, administration, and customer base. We have also built various tools to help your customers find their way to.

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