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What is Sharesies?

What is Sharesies?

Sharesies is a micro-investing tool that allows you to buy companies’ shares on various stock exchanges. A platform where investors in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States can buy and sell funds and shares.

Auto-investment and fractional share trading are available for both adult and child accounts.

A wealth development platform with the purpose of creating financial empowerment for everyone. Its vision is to give someone with $5 and someone with $5 million the same investment opportunities.

Sharesies exists to make investing easy and accessible. Before, investing was too hard, too complex, and too damned scary for too many. Deciding to build an accessible digital investment platform was a no-brainer.

Its investing experience works towards giving people the confidence and control to invest. Further, it believes that by giving someone the opportunity to invest while supporting them to learn, this platfrom creates a community of financially empowered people.

Now, over half a million investors are using Sharesies in Aotearoa and Australia. It is continuing to break down the barriers to investing for more Kiwis, and create new ways to help people develop their wealth.

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How To Sign Up

How To Sign Up

To register please follow the steps below;-

  1. Firstly, click the link below to open the Sign Up page.
  2. Now, fill in the required details such as Where do you live?.
  3. After that, click the “Next” button to Sign Up on this site.

Sign Up Page Link 

How To Sharesies Login

To log in, please follow the steps below;-

  1. Firstly, click the link below to open the Sharesies login page.
  2. Secondly, enter your Email & Password in the provided fields.
  3. After that, click the “Login” button to complete the login process.

Login Page Link

How To Reset Forgotten Password For Sharesies Login

Reset Forgotten Password For Sharesies Login

To reset your forgotten password, please follow the steps below; –

  1. Firstly, click the link below to open the password reset page.
  2. Secondly, please enter your Email.
  3. Then, click the “Send Reset Email” button to reset your password.

Reset Password Page Link

Useful Search Details You Should Check

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What makes up the transaction fee?; 0.5% on amounts up to $3,000 $0.50; 0.1% on amounts above $3,000 No fee; Total fee $0.50.

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Promo Code

Sharesies track the signup process so you DON’T need to use a promo code. will add the $10 bonus once you sign up.

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You pay tax on income you receive from NZ, US, and Australian investments held through Help avatar. Written by Help Updated over.

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Sharesies is a good initiative for new and/or small investors looking for affordable exposure to local and global share markets without the need to dig deep.

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Choose from thousands of companies and funds across New Zealand, the US, and Australia—all with no minimum investment.

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Website: · Email: [email protected] · Telephone: 1800 931 678 (free call) · Mail: Australian Financial Complaints Authority, GPO Box 3, Melbourne.

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Sharesies App Free Download

Buy shares in companies and ETFs from Australian, US, and NZ stock exchanges. It’s easy. And with no minimum, you can invest an amount that.

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Let’s get growing. Download the app for free and start investing today. … The platform is owned and operated by Limited which is a.

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The following FAQs would be useful to read for you;-

Are Sharesies worth it?

Sharesies is ideal for small-scale investors who want to invest in US, Australian, and New Zealand stocks.  makes investing simple for everyone by requiring no minimum balance, no minimum trade amount, fractional share trading, and an easy-to-use website.

How much should you invest in Sharesies?

If you decide to invest 10% of your weekly pay and make $800 per week, you will begin by investing $80 per week. If you get that $10,000 raise and your pay rises to $925 per week, you’ll invest $92.50 per week. You invest more, but you can also reward yourself when your salary.

Does Sharesies charge a monthly fee?

If your account balance exceeds $50, Sharesies will charge you a subscription fee. This fee is deducted from your Sharesies wallet on a monthly basis, or annually if you have chosen the annual plan. The following image depicts the subscription fee structure: Subscription fees are waived for children’s accounts (those under the age of 18).

Does Sharesies pay tax for you NZ?

If you live in New Zealand and are a New Zealand tax resident, you will pay 33% tax on dividends received from US investments on your behalf.

Do Sharesies pay dividends?

Dividends are deposited directly into your Wallet. Dividends in New Zealand are paid in NZD, rewards in the United States are paid in USD, and bonuses in Australia are paid in AUD. You can reinvest the funds in an investment of your choice or withdraw them to your New Zealand bank account.

Can u make money on Sharesies?

To begin, your shares must be worth more than you paid for them. Second, you must sell the shares. That is how a “paper gain” becomes a capital gain—or cash. For example, if you buy some shares for $5 and later sell them for $7, you’ve made a $2 capital gain.

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