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What is Speechmatics?

Speechmatics is a technology company based in Cambridge, England, which develops automatic speech recognition software based on recurrent neural networks and statistical language modeling.

How To Sign Up In Speechmatics

Ready to Understand Every Voice? Sign up to our free speech-to-text SaaS Portal and we’ll guide you through the integration of our API.

How To Speechmatics Login

Go to the Speechmatics login link below. Then enter your Email Address and Password, and click “Sign In” button.

How To Reset Forgotten Password For Speechmatics Login

Go to the reset password page link. Enter Your Username and Email Address. Then, click on “Continue” button.

Speechmatics Pricing

Price for Speechmatics: Basic batch transcription costs $1.25 per hour; Improved transcription costs $1.90 per hour; and Real-Time transcription costs $1.65 per.

Speechmatics Transcription

Regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender, businesses utilize Speechmatics around the world to effectively recognize and translate human-level voice into text.

Speechmatics Cost

Otter gives infrequent customers 600 minutes of free voice-to-text service, while subscription plans begin at $8.33 per month. Braina Pro ($79 for one year).

Speechmatics Speech to Text

Let me introduce you to Ursa from Speechmatics. The most accurate speech-to-text technology in the world, Ursa, is something we are eager to introduce. Unprecedented performance is provided by Ursa.

Speechmatics Funding

Speechmatics can convert spoken language to text in 34 languages; fresh funds will be used to maintain accuracy improvements.

Speechmatics Documentation

For quick and easy instructions on using the Speechmatics API in your environment, please contact sales or consult our on-prem documentation.

Speechmatics Glassdoor

Speechmatics employees give their pay and benefit a 3.5 out of 5-star rating in anonymous Glassdoor evaluations. Learn more about wages.

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