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What is Wohnberatung?

Wohnberatung is a web-based platform that provides a variety of housing and living-related services. It is a wonderful resource for people and families looking for information on housing possibilities, interior design, home improvement, and so on.

How To Register In Wohnberatung

Clients are comprehensively informed about access criteria and registration modalities; housing counselors support them in all matters related to flats.

How To Wohnberatung Login

Go to the Wohnberatung login link below. Then, enter your username and password, and click the “Login” button.

Wohnberatung Reset Password

Visit reset password link below. Then, enter User name or E-mail address and click on “Send Password” button to reset password for Wohnberatung login.

Wohnberatung Wien Genossenschaftswohnung

The Wiener Wohnberatung is the first and central point of contact for community housing (Wiener Wohnen); subsidized rental and cooperative housing.

Wohnberatung Wien Bauträger

If you are interested in a subsidized rental or cooperative flat, please contact the Vienna Housing Authority or the building company directly.

Wohnberatung Diakonie

Diakonie’s Wohnberatung is a comprehensive housing consulting service given by Diakonie, a well-known social welfare organisation.

Wohnberatung Kontakt

Wien Wohnberatung. 1030 Wien, Guglgasse 7-9/Ecke Paragonstraße. Tel.: 01/24 111. Send an email to wohnberatung(at)wohnberatung-wien.at.

Wohnberatung Anmeldung

Wohnberatung Anmeldung is a housing assistance program that provides individuals with expert advice, support, and tools to help them negotiate the housing market effectively.


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